I am a graphic designer living in Charleston, South Carolina. I have loved graphic design ever since my grandfather showed me Letraset sheets at his print shop in Clarksville, Tennessee, when I was a little girl. My family, and my friends who feel like family, have always called me LoeMae, some combination of the Chinese meal, lo mein, and my first and middle name smooshed together, Laura Mae. When people call me that, it makes me feel at home. I love little things like this that bring meaning to your life.


Branding and design are an essential part of our world today, bringing meaning and life to the business ideas and communities that shape who we are. My goal is to help people visualize their ideas, stories, and businesses through the form of custom designed communications. Whether it is a logo, identity system, pitch deck, an annual report, or a simple business card, I can shape visuals into meaningful and useful tools that can be used for years to come.



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